Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Tools: The Fridge List

Announcing NP Sam's Fridge List. Like a lot of people I read many articles and news stories about the latest greatest "power food". After a while it just got plain confusing. I wasn't sure whether to make kale my priority or eat as many avocados as my stomach could tolerate.
Of course the answer is that we all need to be eating a variety of foods with a heavy emphasis on vegetables and fruit along with whole cuts of meat & fish and healthy fats. And eating them in combination and in their whole unprocessed form is essential. This message is now drummed out by lots of sources.

I went looking to a few different sources to figure out what foods were common to all of the groups. What were the cancer people saying we should eat? What about the cardiovascular crew? Are there foods that would reduce inflammation & joint pain? What could I recommend to my patients who have diabetes, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome?

There weren't many surprises. Veggies and fruit, nuts, healthy fats, and whole proteins contain what our bodies need. A whole food diet has anti-inflammatory & anti-cancer components, high fibre and a low glycemic index. More on those details another time.

The Fridge List is the result of my survey. Short and sweet it's for the fridge. About once a week I look at the list and do a mental tally - did I have these healthy foods in the past 7 days? And what did I eat/drink that isn't on the list. It's a simple way to check in with myself and see if I'm getting in the variety of food that I need and avoiding the calorie-dense nutrient-deficient foods that I don't need. 

If you would like to try this out please go to the tabs at the top of this blog and click on "The Fridge List" or click here:  The Fridge List

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